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The Membership Secretary is a support person in the organizational functions of St. John's Lutheran Congregation. That person assists the Office Manager in the physical operations of the church office and supports him/her in maintaining it in an efficient and pleasant manner. Areas of primary responsibilities are membership, contributions, receptionist, printing and mailings.


1. Facilitate communication and planning, attend the weekly St. John's staff meeting.

2. Support the Office Manager, Pastors, Program Staff and Volunteers in clerical tasks that may need to be accomplished.

3. Receive and account for the money received in the church office during the week.

4. Post the weekly offerings to membership accounts and make these records available in printed form quarterly. These individual records are to be organized for distribution to members on a quarterly basis.

5. Maintain accurate and current membership records.

6. Mail visitor letters on a weekly basis and maintain records for prospective members.

7. Make available copies of tapes of all services and special events at members requests and to be responsible for cataloging, filing and ordering said tapes.

8. Fill the role of receptionist for the church office when a volunteer is not present.

9. Back up Parish Secretary as required.

10. Be familiar with and function within the guidelines of the
Lay Staff Handbook and Policies of St. John's Lutheran Church.


1. The Membership Secretary is first responsible to the Office Manager.

2. The Membership Secretary is second responsible to the Sr. Pastor.



1. Mail visitor, baptism, and new member letters as required.

2. Post attendance and communion cards weekly.

3. Keep membership records current when changes occur such as: marriage, address change, transfers, baptisms, deaths, etc.

4. Report to Church Council monthly membership changes caused by transfer/release in and out, inactivity, dropping from rolls, and reinstatement.

5. Support and assist volunteers with special office tasks.

6. Support Pastors in membership data entry/extraction.

7. Support the volunteer coordinator in membership data required.

8. Mail envolope changes monthly to envelope mail service company.

9. Provide list of visitors to Evangelism Outreach Ministry.

Contributions /Weekly Offerings

1. Total and designate monies received in the church office during the week.

2. Record special contributions for bulletin announcements.

3. Post offering envelope receipts to individual accounts.

4. Submit Cash Receipts Sheet weekly to Office Manager for receipt posting to Finance Module.

5. Print Contribution Reports in June and year end for office files.

6. Print and organize Contribution Statements quarterly for distribution to members via bulk mail by sorting and labeling per post office specifications.

7. Print and include inserts required with Contribution Statements quarterly.

Tape Copying

1. Maintain filing system for all tapes.

2. Copy tapes of services or St. John's events upon request of members if volunteer is not present.

3. Keep an inventory of tapes and order when needed.

4. Clean heads on tape copier regularly.

Receptionist /Miscellaneous Clerical Tasks

1. Inform churches of visiting communicants.

2. Make photo copies upon request of church organizations and staff members.

3. Maintain and update file on upcoming weddings.

4. Fill special clerical requests by Office Manager and Pastors.

5. Answer telephone and relay telephone messages to proper party. (If volunteer is not present.

6, Receive and direct visitors and members who come to the church office.

7. Make available and label blank tapes for pastors.


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