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The Office Manager is a key person in the organizational functions of St. John's congregation. That person directs the physical operations of the church office and plays an important role in communication and coordination of church activities and in supporting and supervising paid and volunteer office staff.


1. Facilitate communication and planning by participating in the weekly St. John's staff meeting and attending the monthly Finance Committee, Church Council, Annual Congregation, and any other church meeting.

2 Plan and Schedule office staff work assignments.

3. Supervise and support the Parish Secretary, Membership Secretary, any temporary or part-time office help and volunteers who help with office tasks.

4. Support the pastors, staff and membership of St. John's.

5. Coordinate and communicate information and activities among staff, committees, council members and any other groups within the organizational structure of St. John's.

6. Responsible for the day to day physical operations of the church office includes: inventory control of office supplies, allocation of the Church and Office Budget, and assurance of a pleasing atmosphere for visitors, members and staff.

7. Coordinate written information for publication in the Sunday and special bulletins, monthly newsletter, annual congregation report and special publications and assignment of composition and word processing.
8. Ensure master calendar for all church activities is updated and maintained.

9. Ensure accurate church records of membership roles, pastoral acts, financial re ports, and minutes of the Church Council and committees are generated and maintained.

10. Administer a semi-monthly payroll and record and file such information with the I.R.S. quarterly.

11. Keep records on all personnel of St. John's Lutheran Church.

12. Responsible for handling employees benefit packages ie. deductions, payments, interaction with representatives for medical, dental, worker's compensation, tax deferred plans, etc.

13. Maintain the church's accounting by recording receipts, paying Finance approved bills monthly, delegating expenses to appropriate funds and preparing monthly financial reports for the Finance Committee and Congregation Council to review.

14. Coordinate and consolidate yearly financial information for budget preparation.

15. Develop and administer the Church and Office Budget in consultation with the Sr. Pastor.

16. Receive monies for St. John's Cemetery grave sites sold and issuing receipts and deeds for same.

17. Supervise the management and maintenance of all computers, office equipment, phones, and machines.

18. Plan and oversee office layout/arrangement and purchase of office furniture and equipment.

19. Keep informed and updated on present and future methods and technology for maintaining an efficient office, to have knowledge of the church's organizational function at local, District and National level and to have an understanding of the church's goal at all levels.

20. Issue vouchers from the Good Samaritan Fund after visiting with individuals asking for assistance - ie. food, gas, medical, utilities, etc.

21. Receive rent monies and issue receipts to outside groups utilizing the facility.

22. Hold office staff meetings weekly or as needed.

23. Interview and hire office staff with member of Personnel Committee and Sr. Pastor.

24. Conduct an annual evaluation for supervised employees as outlined in the personnel policies.

25. Be familiar with and function within the guidelines of the
Lay Staff Handbook and Policies of St. John's Lutheran Church.


Word Processing /Typing

1. Correspondence from church office and/or pastors.

2. Generate minutes for the following: Congregation Council Meetings, Special Congregation Council Meetings, Annual Congregation Meetings, Special Congregation Meetings, and Finance Meetings.

3. Ensure Sunday Bulletins, Special Bulletins, Monthly Newsletters and Annual Report schedules are met.

Church Records Maintenance

1. Ensure Pastoral acts on regular basis are printed in the church bulletin and typed in a permanent record book at year end.

2. Maintain files on important church documents, Council Minutes, Financial reports, Annual Reports, etc.
3. Ensure the Master Calendar is updated and published by week in the bulletin and monthly in the newsletter for the congregation.

Financial Records and Reports

1. Record receipts monthly.

2. Pay bills and record disbursements monthly.

3. Balance accounting with banks for Checking, Savings, Perpetual Cemetery, Endowment Fund, Brougham Fund, and Love Fund monthly.

4. Enter financial income and expense for the W/ELCA (Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America).

5. Administer payroll semi-monthly.
a. Post and total each payroll period.

b. File Quarterly withholding Tax Form with the Federal Government.

c. Complete and distribute W-2 Tax Forms for employees at year end.

d. File Year End Tax Forms along with W-2 Tax Forms to Federal and State Government.

6. Prepare a monthly financial statement for Trustees and the Church Council.

7. Process year end accounting, prepare accounting for an Audit Committee annually, and publish a summarized Financial Report in the Annual Report.

8. Budget Procedures

a. Provide department leaders with a budget worksheet including previous year figures.

b. Consolidate figures for a final budget and publish proposed next year's budget in the present year's annual Report.

c. Prepare and submit proposed budget for approval for Church and Office Income and Expense.

9. Office Equipment and Supplies

a. Oversee daily and weekly maintenance of office machines.

b. Assure follow through on maintenance agreements or contracts.

c. Inventory and order office materials.

d. Issue Purchase Order Numbers for all St. John's purchases.

10. Personnel Records

a. Keep records of employees' sick days, overtime, vacation days in accordance with Personnel Committee policies.

b. Create a file for each individual employee which should include any information relating to that employee from the first day of employment.

11. Communication

a. Sort and distribute mail daily.

b. Assure that oral communication (both in person and by phone) is relayed to appropriate staff person.

c. Assure requested announcements and information to be communicated to church membership, committee members, volunteers, etc. is followed through.


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