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Job Description

Job Title: Choir Director

Year(s): September 1996 - May 2001

Supervised by: Pastor, Worship Committee, Congregation Council

Reviewed by: Personnel Committee


A. Primary Function of Position: To rehearse the Sr. choir for their active participation and leadership role in the scheduled Sunday worship services and other services as required.

B. The choir director shall select all choral anthems to be sung by the choir. Music should be appropriate for use in the liturgical service and, if possible, follow the theme or the lessons appointed for the day. Music selections shall be made in consultation with the Pastor whenever possible, and given to the organist well in advance of their rehearsal and performance by the choir.

C. Choir anthems shall be sung under the direction of the choir director at worship services weekly, unless other choirs, soloists or other arrangements have been made. The choir director shall also, upon request, arrange for choir member(s) participation in other portions of the liturgy.

D. The director will be responsible for the choir's appearance, sound and delivery.

E. Choirs shall rehearse weekly and at additional times as identified by special needs, with rehearsals conducted by the choir director.

F. Performance and celebration with special choir selections or programs of music is encouraged from time to time for the promotion of choral worship and the general spiritual health of the congregation. Special programs are normally presented seasonally and on Church Music Sunday. Arrangements for special soloists, accompanists or instrumentalist will be made by the choir director.

G. The choir director shall work with the pastor and Worship Committee in programs for teaching the music of the liturgy and hymns to the congregation at large.

H. The choir director shall purchase music and music supplies for the choir program. All expenditures shall be under the budgetary control of the Worship Committee.

I. The choir director shall perform the duties of the position in a cordial and cooperative manner with the Pastor, the Congregation Members and the choir.

J. The choir director shall give advice and assistance whenever requested by the Pastor.

K. Choir director shall attend Worship Committee meetings to facilitate communication and planning.


Terms of employment:

A. Expectations
1. The choir director will carry out the above expectations to the best of his/her ability.

2. Time of Service: The Choir Director is hired by the Congregation Council and performs his/her duties from the weekend after Labor Day through the weekend before Memorial Day.

3. Substitute directors for rehearsal or performance and their compensation will be the responsibility of the Choir Director.

B. Remuneration

1. Immanuel will pay the director $0000 per year minus required withholding payable over 9 months.

2. We will provide the director with periodic evaluations.

3. Other support: The congregation will support the director with Christian love and prayers. The Congregation Council and the pastor will help with guidance and advice. If any problems arise with other staff members or congregation members they should be dealt with through the Pastor and the Congregation Council.

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