Quarterly Giving Statement

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Contributed by: John & Brenda Slotten, Stewardship Directors ECSW
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How your giving statement looks tells your members what your priorities are as a congregation. Imagine the impact you could have by using a statement similar to the second one below, compared to the usual Quarterly Giving Statement.

Typical Example:

Quarterly Giving Statement:
Jane & John Doe
For the period of January to March 2000
Pledged for the quarter: $ 750.00
Gave to the budget this quarter: $ 500.00

What if your members received letters of faithful action instead of the typical giving statement that emphasized how far behind they were in their pledge?

Letter of Faithful Action:

Dear Jane and John Doe,

Thank you for your gift of $______. Along with your brothers and sisters in Christ at (name of congregation) we have given $______ for the mission of Christ. Because of your faithful giving, and the faithful giving of others, the following ministries were able to be funded again this quarter: (add a list of local ministries that your are doing)

In addition to these local ministries, we were also able to support mission outreach by our synod and the national church! (List some examples.)

Thank you so much for answering God's call to be a good steward of the gifts given you.

Blessings on your continued support of these ministries, and your faithful witness to the risen Christ.

(Signed by the pastor and church treasurer)

Additional Suggestions:

You can edit this letter anyway you see fit. Add some Bible passages that speak of faithful giving. Reread the two examples above. Which one would make you feel as if you were a special and important part of the support needed to do the ministry of the congregation? Which one would you file away without a second thought until tax time?


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